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The cost-effective redaction solution for security-conscious organisations

Irreversibly remove sensitive information from any electronic document

Redact any document

Protect sensitive information in any document including PDF, Word & Excel.

Easy Automation

Search for phrases or structured data, create rules, collaborate and review.

Remove any trace

Identified information, metadata, reviews and any other hidden code is irreversibly removed.

Eliminate disclosure risk with digital redaction

Reduce printing costs and the risk of human manual redaction errors.

Objective Redact is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use redaction tool to irreversibly mask, selected information, author’s changes and hidden data from any electronic document, NOT ONLY PDFs. No need to print or output to PDF, the software will search phrases, recurring expressions (such as date of birth, credit card, social security number) or subject names and completely removes the information, along with any hidden data or code. LEARN MORE

Typical gains made using Objective Redact

On average clients see a ROI in just 3 months!

Reduce subject access request turnaround by
Improve efficiency by
Reduce disclosure times by

Easy automation makes every stage of the redaction process efficient

Outstanding redaction capabilities with built-in governance throughout the whole process


Your folder system or open directly from the authoring application.

Accurate OCR engine finds and redacts automatically.

Search terms to be marked for redaction.

Review. Add or change redactions if necessary.

Final redact. Export as PDF or TIFF, leaving the original file untouched.

Release. All redacted information is completely removed.

What is Objective Redact?

A desktop software application for irreversibly removing sensitive information from most electronic document types, not only PDFs.


Streamline redaction with intuitive features

Work with single documents or many. Quick and easy to set up. Start redacting immediately.

Automated redaction with OCR Find and automatically redact virtually any type of information such as: Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, names, email addresses and more. The OCR engine is built for speed and accuracy.
Collaborative document reviews Redaction only occurs on a “working copy”, the original file is never modified. Send the working copy for review amongst your team before finalising the redaction.
Remove all hidden information Permanently remove all text and image content marked for redaction, including any hidden data such as authors, creation dates and other attributes that can be stored within a file.
Manual redaction tools A variety of tools allow you to redact any type of information. Use the Rectangle for areas, Scribble for freehand redactions and Stamp for customised approvals.
Batch redact multiple documents Save time with Batch redaction. Specify an input folder, pre-configure locations for your redacted documents and redact a group of documents at once.
Exemption codes for global Privacy, FOI Acts and more Pre-defined exemption codes for FOI Act (50 U.S.C. 552), Privacy Act, Washington State codes, UK FOI Act 2000 and many more, can be applied to documents at the click of a button. You can also define custom exemption codes to suit your business policy.
Redact directly from your authoring application Send documents for redaction, as you’re working on them. Simply select Objective Redact from the printer list in: Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Outlook.
Output and send redacted documents Output your final redacted document to PDF, TIFF or secure Working File. Send by email or print. Save your favourite options for next time.
Save time with Templates Use templates to pre-define areas for redaction. Great for structured forms where data is in a fixed position, such as: order numbers, names, addresses etc. Store your templates for future use.
Reports Reports show: information that was redacted, the type of information, number of instances a target was found, exemption codes used and the pages redactions occurred.