A fast and easy way to get the most from Objective Redact. These collateral get straight to the point, so you can start redacting faster.

Objective Redact

Our product brochures include valuable information about Objective Redact and the software’s capabilities.

What is Objective Redact?

Objective Redact Desktop is an easy to use software application for irreversibly removing sensitive information from most electronic document types. 

Automatic Word Removal

See how easy it is to automatically search for and redact information.


See Objective Redact processing documents that are being scanned directly into a scanner and redacted.

Batch Processing

See how Objective Redact’s batch processing feature allows you to redact documents fast.

Exemption Code

See how exemption codes or ‘reasons for redaction’ can be added both automatically or manually to redacted areas.

Redaction Templates

See how templates can automatically redact information every time.

Redaction Reports

See how easy it is to create Audit Copies and detailed reports about redaction jobs.

DRMS Integration

See how Objective Redact can be integrated to work with Document Records Management Systems.